Autumn Leaves

I know we are still sweating out 95 degree heat, but my mind is already on autumn…my favorite season.
September 22 will soon arrive.
When I was teaching, my classroom was always transformed into an Autumn Wonderland.
I integrated the theme of Autumn into all subjects.
Today, I was reorganizing my sewing/book room, and I spotted my stack of autumn books that I used with my students.
One of my favorite book of poems is Autumnblings , by Douglas Florian.
The poetry and the illustrations inspired the children to read, write, draw, and think all things autumn.

I reread one of the poems from this book, “Awe-tumn”, and I was inspired to dig into my fabric bin in search of an autumn fabric palette. I found plenty of oranges, scarlets, ambers, and burgandy.
Then I started looking for different autumn patterns for mug rugs, table mats, and whatever.
After looking at many free pattern ideas on Pinterest, I decided to see what I could design that might be a bit easier and less time consuming.
I decided to make my version of a leaf mug rug.

Draw a leaf on freezer paper.
I used a green fabric piece that I had since this was a practice leaf.
Sandwich batting between two fabrics.
The bottom fabric is right side down.
The top fabric is right side up.

Pin pattern on top of top fabric.
Sew on the outline of the pattern.
* I sewed the vein lines directly on the paper.
Next time, I will pull the paper off and free-stitch the leaf vein lines.
The paper easily peeled off.
I think it would be faster to just pull off the large leaf shaped paper after the outline is sewn, rather than have to pull the little pieces after the veins are stitched.

Cut close to the seam.
Zig-zag stitch around the leaf.
I know that the edges may not look as smooth as they would if I had sewn the leaf with the batting on top and the two fabrics right side together, then turned the leaf inside out.
I just don’t think I could have gotten the points on the leaf to be pointy if I had done with the turning inside out method.
One of my first grade students gave me this coffee mug a few years ago.
He must be in high school by now.
I’ll make a few more of these leave mug rugs and then I will be ready for fall.

The last line in the “Awe-tumn” poem is:
    And autumn leaves
   Leave me in awe.

I’m ready to be in “awe”.


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