Monster Book Bag

October has always been my favorite month.
My classroom would turn into a pumpkin patch with scarecrows, bats, and harvest all over.
My favorite unit during this time was our Monster unit.
The students were given a week to make a monster of their own at home.
I would send a letter to parents with craft suggestions ranging from cereal boxes to fabric.
The parents loved this unit.
One parent even made monster pins out of felt for all of the students.
I made a sock monster puppet named Bartholomew Books.
Students, teachers, and even the principal, would bring their monster to school.
We had Monster Math, Monster Reading, Monster Writing, and Monster Science.
There are so many great monster books, starting with Maurice Sendak’s  book,
Where the Wild Things Are.
Amanda Noll’s book, I Need My Monster was always a classroom favorite.
I decided to make some Monster book bags for some friends who are still teaching.
The Monster Book Bag has a front pocket that looks like a mouth with teeth.
The students can take turns taking home the bag that is filled with Monster Books and activities that can be completed at home.
I sure miss the classroom!

20160808_002759481_iOSBag 1          20160808_002826170_iOS Bag 2

20160808_002844199_iOS Bag 3         20160808_002852276_iOS Back View
The tote measures 14″ L and 15″W with a front pocket that eats up books.

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