Spiders and Monsters

Yesterday, I made four, child-sized trick or treat totes out of a purple fabric with spider design; and a black fabric with monster eyes. I also used some purple and black polka dot and some black and white fabric pieces that I had.
As I was cleaning up my cutting table, the remaining fabric pieces from these totes posed a challenge for me. I knew that I could make something with these fabric pieces , but the different sizes required some thinking.
I pulled out my graphing notebook planner and after measuring the different fabric pieces, I started drawing some possibilities.
There is nothing more fun for kids than pulling out a pillow and a Halloween book on an October night.
So, I made a small travel pillow that had a pocket to hold books and goodies.
When I was teaching, we always had fun during our Monster Month of October.
I have plenty of monster books left in my teacher book collection.

20160806_202058099_iOS  20160806_202107554_iOS

I used two remaining pieces of fat quarters for the back.

There were enough pieces of the purple and black spider fabric to make an adult-sized tote.
20160806_202254807_iOS  20160806_202305665_iOS
I had about a yard of the white and black polka dot fabric in one of my bins, so I used it for the lining.
It was a fun Saturday afternoon!


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