Halloween Treat Totes

Last October, my friends and I were busy making seasonal banners and prayer flags.
I had purchased some Halloween fabric to make banners for my two youngest grandchildren.
My granddaughter and I had a Craft Day and made some for her house.
As I was rummaging through my closet, I found the box where I had stuffed all the remaining Halloween fabric. There were odd size pieces, but I knew they were good for something.
The challenge to create a quilted tote bag out of a limited supply of Halloween fabric was interesting and quite fun.
I combined the Halloween fabric with remnants of black, and black and white design fabric that I had left.
I also had just enough orange polka dot to make the lining for one bag.
The bag had to be smaller, since it was for children to use for trick or treating.
Also, I wanted to use what I had.
I decided the tote could be 14″ in height and 12.5 ” in width.
Then I cut strips to fit this measurement.
One bag would have horizontal strips, and the second bag would have vertical strips.
I cut all the strips, batting, and handle fabric for both bags.

I decided to try the “quilt as you go” method.
This made things run a bit smoother and quicker.
First Bag: Vertical strips with a horizontal top strip
The top strip on this bag measures 3.5″x 12.5″.
The vertical strips are 11″x 3.5″
Iron one strip onto the fusible fleece.
Sew the next strip onto the first strip.
Press the second strip and then continue to add the strips.
The top strip goes on last.

20160802_234330654_iOS  20160802_234333897_iOS
I cut bat appliques from the remaining scraps and used Wonder Under .

After piecing and quilting the exterior of both bags, I made the linings.
One was a bat print, and one was a black and orange polka dot print.
I used a half inch seam when I sewed the lining and the exterior of the bag.

I boxed the corners by cutting a 1.5 inch square on both the linings and the exteriors.

The handle is made from fabric that is cut at 4″x 22″.
I made 2 handles for each bag.
Next time, I think I will use webbing.
Pin the handles 2″ from each side.
With right sides together, insert the quilted bag into the lining.
Make sure the handles lay flat between the lining and the quilted bag.
Sew along the top edges, leaving a 4″gap.
Pull the bag through the opening.
Top stitch along the top edge.
20160803_150103043_iOS 20160803_150122040_iOS

Front of Bags 1 and 2                                              Back of Bags 1 and 2

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