It’s Been A Few Days…


After returning from a great Port A vacation with two of my grandchildren,
I gave myself a few days to rest.
I thought it would be a good idea to reorganize the room before I started
working on the patchwork tote bags for the two baby girls.
Then, on one of the over 100 degree days, my new AC gave out.
My workroom became a sweat shop, so I had to wait until the AC was fixed.
I finally got to finish the two bags today.
20160714_005922214_iOS Windham Pastel Basics

20160714_010004571_iOS Windham Basic Brights

I had money remaining on one of my Jo-Ann gift cards, so I went on a Button Bonanza shopping trip. The buttons were on sale, and I used coupons, so it wasn’t so bad.
I made yo-yo’s from the remaining charms in each pack.

20160716_012524348_iOS 20160716_012529589_iOS

20160716_012552918_iOS 20160716_012607817_iOS

20160716_193229348_iOS 20160716_193245905_iOS

The lining is pink and white polka-dot, like the handles, and has two pockets.

20160716_235451727_iOS 20160716_235542582_iOS

The lining is yellow and white polka-dot, like the handles, and has two pockets.

Twin Girls!

A friend of my brother just had twin girls.
I ordered some fabric charm packs to make each sweet girl a tote.
New parents can always use totes.
Later, the girls can use them for their books or toys.
Being a mother of twins, I understand that the individuality of each baby is important.
My brother said he can already see who the bossy one will be.
So I ordered a Windham Basic Brights Charm pack that has colorful polka dots, stars, flowers and other bold and cute designs. It looked sort of bossy and bold.
I ordered a charm pack by Moda, entitled, Grow!
It looked peaceful and friendly.

After looking at the Windham website, I think I might order the Dot. Dot. Dash! charm pack to use instead of the Grow. I like the variations of polka dots.

Another Patchwork Heart Tote

After running out of the mini charms and not being able to make a second heart panel on my previous patchwork tote, I decided to fool around with trying to piece heart blocks in different ways.
I had enough remnants of black and white fabric, and white print fabric, so I decided to  use this color scheme.
Graphing paper came in handy as I tried different methods.

I had made half square triangles before, so I decided to try using two to form the bottom of the heart.

20160703_145000313_iOS  20160703_145008848_iOS

I had also used the flying geese quilt method before, so I thought of using that for the top.
Instead, I just cut two 1.5 inch squares for each corner of a 4..5 inch square.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to add color or not, so again, I consulted with my sisters.
We decided on a black frame.

I thought a border with a design would enhance the black frame, so I found some remnants of a black and white print.
I did not have enough of this, so I did go purchase just what I needed.
While at the store, I found some black and white buttons.


20160704_010631747_iOS  20160704_010657727_iOS
I had enough black and white polka dot fabric  from a previous tote to use for the lining.
I used the left over fabric from the hearts to make three pockets.
I added a button in the middle of the heart.
I stitched in the ditch.
I had enough black fabric to make two handles that are each 22 inches long.

20160704_010807986_iOS   20160704_010830508_iOS
The tote is 20 inch x 20 inch.

July is a happy, busy month of birthdays for my family, so I plan to take a few days off.

Patchwork Heart Tote

My stash bin had a remnant from the backing of  the quilt that I made
for my brother.
It was a dark blue with light blue polka dots.
I had enough to make a 20 inch by 20 inch tote bag.


20160701_013840787_iOS                   20160701_214302000_iOS

I used the Moda Bread and Butter Mini Charm pack to design a patchwork heart.
I wished I had purchased two of the same pack.
One pack made one heart.
I used the remaining charms to form a pattern on the back.

20160701_201539216_iOS 20160701_201549590_iOS
I couldn’t decide if I wanted to add denim or orange polka dot.
I asked my two sisters for input.
They liked both.
I decided to use the blue polka dot remnant for the top and side borders.
20160701_215820777_iOS 20160701_235231384_iOS
Front                                                                           Back

There are 8 rows.
Each row has 8 squares. (2.5 inch)
The side borders were cut at 2.5 inches wide.
The top and bottom borders were cut at 3 inches.

I stitched in the ditch, then I outlined the heart and the squares with a whipped running stitch, using orange and yellow embroidery thread.

Orange and white polka dot fabric for lining (Purchased at Hobby Lobby in Round Rock)

Two pockets

20160702_232925628_iOS            20160702_232951868_iOS


Yo-Yo Blossom Tote

My grandmother once made me a clown made of yo-yos and it
was my favorite toy.
Last year, I began to make some yo-yos, but the project was laid
aside as I was making quilts for Christmas.

As I was rummaging through the stash bins, I found a pretty good sized
remnant from the backing I used for my sister’s black and white chevron
quilt. I immediately thought I could make a tote from this remnant.

I measured two, 15 inch tall by 20 inch wide sections, with the polka dot on top of a black base.
Then I tried to figure out how I could quilt this and make a tote.

I remembered the yo-yos that were stashed away and pulled them out.
I couldn’t decide what looked good, and I was being very conservative,
thinking that I couldn’t mix all of the different designs with the polka dots.
I shared this with Nancy, and thanks to her artistic eye, she played around
with the design by placing the yo-yos in different layouts.
She is so creative and I learn so much from her.
So, I came home and tried different designs.


I found some great polka dot, striped, and solid black and white buttons.
4 inch wide strips for handles made from the same quilt remnant

The only fabric I bought for this purse was
a white with black polka dot fabric for the lining.
Pockets were made from remnants.
Tote lining has two pockets
I love the buttons!
20160630_232044670_iOS   20160630_232059974_iOS
There is a stitch in the ditch where the dots meet the black fabric.
I also stitched a line 1/4 from this stitch, and then another.
Then I measured 2 1/2 inches from the last line and stitched 2 more lines, 1/4 inch apart.