Journal/Notebook Cover

When I was teaching, I would hit the stores the minute the Back-to-School items were on the shelf.
I purchased enough of the composition notebooks so that my students would have one for writing and one for science. The school supply list recommended coming with two notebooks, but I wanted to make sure the students had enough for all the subjects.
During the first week of school, I would spend an afternoon letting the students cover and decorate their composition notebooks. The students enjoyed personalizing their notebook with the scrapbook paper, buttons, foam letters and designs, ric rack, and anything else I had in my craft supply.
Spending time writing and drawing in our journals and notebooks was a very important part of our day.
We had one for writing, one for science, and one for math.

Personally, I have always kept a journal.
Poetry, writing, drawing, thoughts, whatever…
This past May, my granddaughter and I made special covers for her journal and one for her parents.
She is only 5, and she journals regularly. It is a family moment for sharing.

I had been taking pictures of all my quilts and totes and posting them on my blog.
I enjoy the online version of keeping a journal, but I missed the hard copy.
This past April, I ran across a spiral notebook in my desk.
It was perfect for a Quilting Journal.
This was a small spiral, and it is almost full.
I will need a new one soon, so I purchased some regular composition notebooks.
I also purchased a graphing notebook.
This graphing notebook is perfect for designing new quilts and totes.
I rummaged through the scrap box and found some great pieces to make a cover for the graphing notebook.
After measuring the notebook, I used different sized remnants to piece a front that measured 12″x 27″.
I decided I did not need a pocket, but maybe the next one will have a pocket.
I added buttons that are symbols with special meaning and things that I like.
The arrow represents positive direction.
The butterfly represents freedom.
The flower represents Flower Power!
The bird represent hope.
The elephant represents good luck and prosperity.
The scissors represent my new found love of anything quilt.
And the coffee button represent the source of my energy!

20160728_000642804_iOS       20160728_000651567_iOS
Front                                                          Back

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