Monster Tooth Fairy Tote

My granddaughter surprised us all, right before we left for the coast.
She bit into a Tootsie Roll Pop and her tooth came out.
Luckily, the Tooth Fairy knew how to find her in Port A.
My granddaughter wrote a letter and left an envelope.

I should have been more prepared!
I saw plenty of different types of Tooth Fairy Pillows on Pinterest, but I decided to design a small tooth fairy tote.
My granddaughter has started to write and draw in a journal, and I thought a Tooth Journal would be different and fun. There was plenty of scrap fabric from which to choose, so I decided to go bright and bold. I did purchase a small bow to add for decoration. I used two circular pieces of tulle to make the fairy wings.

I will place a small journal notebook and a cute pencil in the tote, along with some toothpaste and a new toothbrush.

20160725_204716901_iOS    20160725_204726399_iOS
The mouth opens for the tooth to be placed inside.
The money can be left in the small front pocket or inside the tote.

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