Wonky Square

A few months ago, I ran across a tutorial for making Wonking Log Cabin squares.
It was the first I ever heard about wonky squares, so I continued to read other sites that demonstrated different techniques in making these off beat squares.
I had enough scraps to make three squares for starters.
At the time, I thought these would make a great quilt.
Wonky squares are great for using up stash.
These wonky squares got set aside for a bit, until I rediscovered them when I was reorganizing.
I thought that these squares might make a colorful bag that would go perfectly with some fabric I had just bought for lining.
The fabric is white, with colorful dots.
What I really liked about this fabric was that it also had the words, “Choose Happy”, mixed within the dots.
The bag came out a bit more colorful than I had planned, but I guess it’s because I chose happy.

20160723_175909599_iOS  20160723_175922062_iOS
I still have some of the denim my sister gave me.
The problem I had with the denim is that it has a lot of stretch in it.
20160723_210436790_iOS  20160723_210937221_iOS
I made different sized pockets and placed them in places where they would not cover up the words.
20160723_213618251_iOS Inside View

20160723_213704686_iOS  20160723_213722370_iOS

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