Time for Organizing

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All this, plus two big bins of batting and interfacing,
one large bin filled with large pieces, one large bin filled with bags of different lengths and widths of strips. There are also bags of remnants tucked in every available space in my workroom.
I had to do something!
I donated the bin of strips.
I know I could do something with them,
but I also know that I probably wouldn’t.
Getting rid of these strips really helped.
These bins make it easier to find remnants for piecing totes and quilt squares.
I used the now empty large bin to organize all of the batting and interfacing.
Now, I wonder how long it will stay organized.

4 thoughts on “Time for Organizing

      1. I have my fabric in a large china hutch that has clear glass on the front. For me, that helps me keep it somewhat folded and looking nice, since it’s the first thing my sewing friends look at when they come over. And sweeping the floor daily helps (sigh….boring…).

      2. Thanks for sharing this idea. I do not have room, as of yet, for a hutch.
        I am looking at to expand my sewing space by converting one of my rooms that I used to use for a school library when I was teaching.
        A hutch would fit perfectly in there.
        Thanks again.

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