It’s Been A Few Days…


After returning from a great Port A vacation with two of my grandchildren,
I gave myself a few days to rest.
I thought it would be a good idea to reorganize the room before I started
working on the patchwork tote bags for the two baby girls.
Then, on one of the over 100 degree days, my new AC gave out.
My workroom became a sweat shop, so I had to wait until the AC was fixed.
I finally got to finish the two bags today.
20160714_005922214_iOS Windham Pastel Basics

20160714_010004571_iOS Windham Basic Brights

I had money remaining on one of my Jo-Ann gift cards, so I went on a Button Bonanza shopping trip. The buttons were on sale, and I used coupons, so it wasn’t so bad.
I made yo-yo’s from the remaining charms in each pack.

20160716_012524348_iOS 20160716_012529589_iOS

20160716_012552918_iOS 20160716_012607817_iOS

20160716_193229348_iOS 20160716_193245905_iOS

The lining is pink and white polka-dot, like the handles, and has two pockets.

20160716_235451727_iOS 20160716_235542582_iOS

The lining is yellow and white polka-dot, like the handles, and has two pockets.

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