Patchwork Heart Tote

My stash bin had a remnant from the backing of  the quilt that I made
for my brother.
It was a dark blue with light blue polka dots.
I had enough to make a 20 inch by 20 inch tote bag.


20160701_013840787_iOS                   20160701_214302000_iOS

I used the Moda Bread and Butter Mini Charm pack to design a patchwork heart.
I wished I had purchased two of the same pack.
One pack made one heart.
I used the remaining charms to form a pattern on the back.

20160701_201539216_iOS 20160701_201549590_iOS
I couldn’t decide if I wanted to add denim or orange polka dot.
I asked my two sisters for input.
They liked both.
I decided to use the blue polka dot remnant for the top and side borders.
20160701_215820777_iOS 20160701_235231384_iOS
Front                                                                           Back

There are 8 rows.
Each row has 8 squares. (2.5 inch)
The side borders were cut at 2.5 inches wide.
The top and bottom borders were cut at 3 inches.

I stitched in the ditch, then I outlined the heart and the squares with a whipped running stitch, using orange and yellow embroidery thread.

Orange and white polka dot fabric for lining (Purchased at Hobby Lobby in Round Rock)

Two pockets

20160702_232925628_iOS            20160702_232951868_iOS


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