Fabric Basket

Today, I decided to make a fabric basket for a friend.
It is a handy basket to store sewing or craft notions.
I found this great pattern for a 1 Hour Basket .
I discovered a great blog, KelbySews .
Kelby shares her creative space and it looks great.
My goal is to have an organized room like that, one day.

I decided to piece the exterior portion of this basket, since I did not have enough scraps of the size needed to make a whole exterior.
I had the fat quarter needed for the lining.
20160731_160213683_iOS 20160731_172704219_iOS

Journal Covers

Last week, I used part of a jelly roll pack to make a laptop cover.
I had enough leftover to make two journal covers.
I’m planning on making some journal covers for my granddaughter to use in school.
If she wants, I will make one for her kindergarten teacher.
I cannot believe this precious little girl will begin kindergarten this August!

20160730_182053000_iOS 20160730_182109000_iOS

20160730_225013232_iOS 20160730_224949654_iOS

Laptop Keeper

A very special person saw the laptop keeper I made and she thought it was “awesome”.
I asked if she needed one and she said yes.
I decided to make another one, and personalize it a bit for her.
Also, I wasn’t very happy with the binding I had used for the other laptop keeper I had made.
I used fabric remnants with anchors, daisies, birds, and hearts.
These all have special meanings.
I also added a few buttons.
20160730_011527323_iOS  20160730_011658448_iOS

20160730_011723785_iOS  20160730_012125574_iOS

Journal/Notebook Cover

When I was teaching, I would hit the stores the minute the Back-to-School items were on the shelf.
I purchased enough of the composition notebooks so that my students would have one for writing and one for science. The school supply list recommended coming with two notebooks, but I wanted to make sure the students had enough for all the subjects.
During the first week of school, I would spend an afternoon letting the students cover and decorate their composition notebooks. The students enjoyed personalizing their notebook with the scrapbook paper, buttons, foam letters and designs, ric rack, and anything else I had in my craft supply.
Spending time writing and drawing in our journals and notebooks was a very important part of our day.
We had one for writing, one for science, and one for math.

Personally, I have always kept a journal.
Poetry, writing, drawing, thoughts, whatever…
This past May, my granddaughter and I made special covers for her journal and one for her parents.
She is only 5, and she journals regularly. It is a family moment for sharing.

I had been taking pictures of all my quilts and totes and posting them on my blog.
I enjoy the online version of keeping a journal, but I missed the hard copy.
This past April, I ran across a spiral notebook in my desk.
It was perfect for a Quilting Journal.
This was a small spiral, and it is almost full.
I will need a new one soon, so I purchased some regular composition notebooks.
I also purchased a graphing notebook.
This graphing notebook is perfect for designing new quilts and totes.
I rummaged through the scrap box and found some great pieces to make a cover for the graphing notebook.
After measuring the notebook, I used different sized remnants to piece a front that measured 12″x 27″.
I decided I did not need a pocket, but maybe the next one will have a pocket.
I added buttons that are symbols with special meaning and things that I like.
The arrow represents positive direction.
The butterfly represents freedom.
The flower represents Flower Power!
The bird represent hope.
The elephant represents good luck and prosperity.
The scissors represent my new found love of anything quilt.
And the coffee button represent the source of my energy!

20160728_000642804_iOS       20160728_000651567_iOS
Front                                                          Back

Success at Last

My first attempt at making a lap top bag, without a pattern, was not exactly what I wanted.
Indygo Junction has a lap top keeper  pattern that is quick and easy.

I used remnants for the quilted front; the remaining denim that my sister gave me,
(I still have about a yard left!); and the Choose Happy fabric from JoAnn’s . I used this fabric
for the lining. The Choose Happy fabric was on sale, and I had a coupon, so I had bought 2 yards for lining. I have made two items with this fabric as the lining.

20160727_180828801_iOS 20160727_180923758_iOS



Monster Tooth Fairy Tote

My granddaughter surprised us all, right before we left for the coast.
She bit into a Tootsie Roll Pop and her tooth came out.
Luckily, the Tooth Fairy knew how to find her in Port A.
My granddaughter wrote a letter and left an envelope.

I should have been more prepared!
I saw plenty of different types of Tooth Fairy Pillows on Pinterest, but I decided to design a small tooth fairy tote.
My granddaughter has started to write and draw in a journal, and I thought a Tooth Journal would be different and fun. There was plenty of scrap fabric from which to choose, so I decided to go bright and bold. I did purchase a small bow to add for decoration. I used two circular pieces of tulle to make the fairy wings.

I will place a small journal notebook and a cute pencil in the tote, along with some toothpaste and a new toothbrush.

20160725_204716901_iOS    20160725_204726399_iOS
The mouth opens for the tooth to be placed inside.
The money can be left in the small front pocket or inside the tote.

Wonky Square

A few months ago, I ran across a tutorial for making Wonking Log Cabin squares.
It was the first I ever heard about wonky squares, so I continued to read other sites that demonstrated different techniques in making these off beat squares.
I had enough scraps to make three squares for starters.
At the time, I thought these would make a great quilt.
Wonky squares are great for using up stash.
These wonky squares got set aside for a bit, until I rediscovered them when I was reorganizing.
I thought that these squares might make a colorful bag that would go perfectly with some fabric I had just bought for lining.
The fabric is white, with colorful dots.
What I really liked about this fabric was that it also had the words, “Choose Happy”, mixed within the dots.
The bag came out a bit more colorful than I had planned, but I guess it’s because I chose happy.

20160723_175909599_iOS  20160723_175922062_iOS
I still have some of the denim my sister gave me.
The problem I had with the denim is that it has a lot of stretch in it.
20160723_210436790_iOS  20160723_210937221_iOS
I made different sized pockets and placed them in places where they would not cover up the words.
20160723_213618251_iOS Inside View

20160723_213704686_iOS  20160723_213722370_iOS

Time for Organizing

20160719_145608766_iOS 20160719_145616268_iOS20160719_145629606_iOS

All this, plus two big bins of batting and interfacing,
one large bin filled with large pieces, one large bin filled with bags of different lengths and widths of strips. There are also bags of remnants tucked in every available space in my workroom.
I had to do something!
I donated the bin of strips.
I know I could do something with them,
but I also know that I probably wouldn’t.
Getting rid of these strips really helped.
These bins make it easier to find remnants for piecing totes and quilt squares.
I used the now empty large bin to organize all of the batting and interfacing.
Now, I wonder how long it will stay organized.

Lessons Learned

I attempted to make a quilted lap top sleeve.
After viewing different options online, I decided to make up my own pattern.
First Mistake: Since I didn’t have enough fusible foam left, I used fusible fleece.
I backed both sides with the fusible fleece, but it is still too flimsy.
Second Mistake: The first measurements I took were accurate, but I added an extra inch.
This resulted in the sleeve being a bit too loose.
I was happy with the quilting and the pocket.
I’m thinking of taking it apart and adding straps to make a tote, instead.
20160718_213222380_iOS  20160718_213227999_iOS

20160718_222548853_iOS  20160718_221923813_iOS