Flower Power Denim Tote Bag…in Progress

My stash bins are out of control again.

As I was reorganizing the bins, I started thinking
of a design for a new bag.
My sister had given me yards of denim.
The bins were filled with floral print remnants.
I started with 6.5 inch denim squares.
I framed the squares with 2.5 inch floral squares.

The block is a 10 inch square.
I decided to add denim borders.
I also thought I would try embroidering some flowers
in the center square.
I finished piecing both front and back sections,
but I only embroidered one side.
I’ll try to finish it tomorrow.

Granny Tote Bags

My plan to make the second granny bag a bit differently went by the wayside due to time.
The shower is tomorrow, and I had many errands to run today.
I purchased a Chevron and Dot Collection Charm pack by Fabric Central.
The lining I chose had coordinating pastel colors.
I also was able to use the final polka dot strips from a jelly roll I had bought in the spring.
It will be fun to see my two teaching buddies again.
20160608_200118574_iOS 20160609_023015130_iOS

20160610_230817131_iOS   20160610_230826942_iOS sides

20160611_004831787_iOS 20160611_004840671_iOS

I filled the small diaper bag with goodies to have on hand for quick diaper changes.
I found many patterns for making a diaper changing mat, but I did not have time
to make it, so I bought one.
I added baby lotion, diapers, and some wipes.
There is also a baby care set that includes a brush and comb, nail clippers, and a medication
A baby cannot have enough toys, so I also added an elephant blankie/rattle.
In the grandmother bag, I added two board books.
Every baby needs a home library.

Birthday at JoAnn’s

My sisters gave me birthday gift cards to JoAnn’s, each totaling my age!
It made it easier to accept my age!

The cards were burning holes in my pocket.
I finally was able to go to JoAnn’s today,
and I am very proud of my self-control.
I stuck to buying sewing notions in order to build up my quilting tools.
My dad always said that the right tools made any job easier and more enjoyable.

My purchase included some leather and metal thimbles,
and an Omnigrid half square triangle.
I have a project in mind that calls for this triangle.
There have been times that I needed a smaller rotary cutter, so I purchased a
Fiskar Rotary cutter.
I am always running out of Best Press clear starch, so I restocked my supply.
I did buy some fabric and charm squares to make a grandmother tote bag for another friend who is a grandmother of four, the fourth being born a couple of weeks ago.

I resisted buying more fabric since I have some projects already lined up.
I did, however, spend time with my friend at the Viking sewing machine center inside JoAnn’s.
Marcia has been trying to get me to upgrade to a fancier sewing machine.
She has my attention.

20160608_184940282_iOS   20160608_185513093_iOS

Adri Was Right

Two years ago, I attended the Austin Quilt Convention with my sister, Adri.
When I left the convention, I was a bit poorer, since I allowed my sister to talk me
into buying so many quilting fabrics and notions.
At the time, I didn’t even have a sewing machine.
I just knew I wanted to start quilting.

There was vendor selling charm packs with printed quotes and sayings.
Adri said if I didn’t buy the Grandmother Charm pack, I would regret not buying
it as soon as I got home.
She also assured me that I would use it somehow.
The charm pack has been tucked away for two years, but Adri was right.
I did use it.
I’m so very happy I listened to Adri.

My very dear friend, Sherri, is becoming a grandmother soon.
I already made a small diaper bag for her daughter.
The Grandmother Charm pack was perfect for Sherri’s tote bag.

I purchased a 20 pack of pink floral and bird fabric charms.
The fabric for the lining and handles has pink heart flowers.

I also added strips from the bag I made for the daughter, in order to make it more of a
Mother/Daughter celebration.
I machine quilted the bag using pink thread.
20160607_235138498_iOS Front    20160607_235208869_iOS Back

Baby Shower Gift

A friend of mine is going to be a grandmother soon, and I am so excited for her.
I have known the mother-to-be since she was a little girl.
I wanted to make something special for these two beautiful women.

A new mother can never have enough bags, so I looked for a cute pattern.
I found one on a super blog named PoppySeed Fabrics.
There are many tutorials on this blog.
It took less than an hour to cut, assemble, and finish this cute bag.
I plan to fill it with little things a new mama will need.
1/2 yard of 2 different fabrics
1 yard of webbing for each handle

20160607_004811628_iOS 6 outside pockets

I purchased some charm fabrics to make a tote for the grandma.
Somewhere in my stash, I have a charm pack  with inspirational grandmother quotes.
I’ll start looking for it tomorrow and then start designing a pattern for the tote.
The shower is Saturday, so I better get on it.


Summer Floral Quilted Tote

My goal is to improve the quality of the tote bags I am making.
I also am starting to create my own design, using skills I learned from making previous totes.
There was some floral and some green fabric remaining after I made this hobo bag.

I added red and white polka-dot fabric for the bottom of the tote.
I also used  of the red and white polka-dot fabric to make the handles with two different fabrics.

I made a double pocket on the front of the tote.

20160606_153415537_iOS Front 20160606_153431784_iOS Back

There are two inside pockets, and three outside pockets.


Groovy Kind of Love

I had the privilege of spending my last two years teaching with a crazy, wild, and loving friend, Eve.
She thought of me as her mother.
It had been years since I had a teaching partner who was as energized and as much fun as Eve.
We had great times planning fun lessons for our students.
Eve accused me of favoring my sons and was whining that I had made them quilts, but not one for her.
I had some remaining fabric from one of the quilts I had made my youngest son.
The fabric was bright, bold, and energized.
Perfect for both my son, and Eve.
I created a pattern to fit the amount of fabric I had remaining.
Then, I purchased matching fabric for the backing.
I stopped working on my totes today, in order to bind the quilt I just picked up from Jeana Kubik.
As usual, Jeana did a great job with the long arm quilter.
Just a note: Jeana is always so encouraging and inspirational.
                      She shares ideas and gives good sewing tips.
                      This time, she even gave me a free book on Log Cabin quilts.
                      Every visit is a learning experience.

FullSizeRender (12)  FullSizeRender (13)

Front                                                                    Back

Groovy Kind of Love
Especially made for Eve

Hobo Bag

My sister had taken her fabric stash to the garage sale we were having at my mother’s house.
I could not believe she was getting rid of such great fabric!
She let me choose what I wanted from the box.
I really wanted the whole box, but I knew I did not have enough storage.
So, I chose very carefully.
One of the fabrics was a blue fabric with red flowers.
I purchased some green and white fabric, and a white on red polka dot.
My plan is to make two totes from the blue fabric.
I bought a yard of the other two fabrics in order to be able to use it with
the other fabric I chose from my sister’s stash.

IMG_2762 Fabric

IMG_2765 Two Styles
One will be a box tote of my own design and pattern.
The other will be a hobo bag.

I found quite a few hobo bag patterns and tutorials on Pinterest.
I chose one from The Stitching Scientis blog.
The pattern is for a reversible hobo bag.
I chose not to make it reversible, and I added 3 pockets.

I decided to quilt the front and back with diagonal lines.
I also did not look closely at the pattern directions for the handle.
So, I sort of made up my own way of hiding the stitches.
IMG_2768 Only one side of the bag has a pocket.
IMG_2771 The lining has two pockets.
IMG_2772 Strap Tabs