Adri Was Right

Two years ago, I attended the Austin Quilt Convention with my sister, Adri.
When I left the convention, I was a bit poorer, since I allowed my sister to talk me
into buying so many quilting fabrics and notions.
At the time, I didn’t even have a sewing machine.
I just knew I wanted to start quilting.

There was vendor selling charm packs with printed quotes and sayings.
Adri said if I didn’t buy the Grandmother Charm pack, I would regret not buying
it as soon as I got home.
She also assured me that I would use it somehow.
The charm pack has been tucked away for two years, but Adri was right.
I did use it.
I’m so very happy I listened to Adri.

My very dear friend, Sherri, is becoming a grandmother soon.
I already made a small diaper bag for her daughter.
The Grandmother Charm pack was perfect for Sherri’s tote bag.

I purchased a 20 pack of pink floral and bird fabric charms.
The fabric for the lining and handles has pink heart flowers.

I also added strips from the bag I made for the daughter, in order to make it more of a
Mother/Daughter celebration.
I machine quilted the bag using pink thread.
20160607_235138498_iOS Front    20160607_235208869_iOS Back

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