Groovy Kind of Love

I had the privilege of spending my last two years teaching with a crazy, wild, and loving friend, Eve.
She thought of me as her mother.
It had been years since I had a teaching partner who was as energized and as much fun as Eve.
We had great times planning fun lessons for our students.
Eve accused me of favoring my sons and was whining that I had made them quilts, but not one for her.
I had some remaining fabric from one of the quilts I had made my youngest son.
The fabric was bright, bold, and energized.
Perfect for both my son, and Eve.
I created a pattern to fit the amount of fabric I had remaining.
Then, I purchased matching fabric for the backing.
I stopped working on my totes today, in order to bind the quilt I just picked up from Jeana Kubik.
As usual, Jeana did a great job with the long arm quilter.
Just a note: Jeana is always so encouraging and inspirational.
                      She shares ideas and gives good sewing tips.
                      This time, she even gave me a free book on Log Cabin quilts.
                      Every visit is a learning experience.

FullSizeRender (12)  FullSizeRender (13)

Front                                                                    Back

Groovy Kind of Love
Especially made for Eve

2 thoughts on “Groovy Kind of Love

  1. This is Eve, the crazy ass daughter Grace never had but wanted! It is rare to come across another person ( friend/mentor) who acts and thinks the same as you, but I thankfully did 4 years ago!!! I love Grace as if she were my mom and best friend and this quilt truly symbolizes the best of both of us.! To you Grace, for being the selfless dedicated educator that only comes along once in a blue moon, CHEERS.

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