Pig in a Wig Book Tote

During my Round Rock weekend, I visited the fabric department in Hobby Lobby.
My attention was drawn to some purple and white polka dot and some multi-colored striped fabric.
Pig in a Wig, a delightful character in books written and illustrated by Emma J. Virjan,
immediately came to mind! #PigInaWigBooks

I made these two child-sized book totes the other day, but I did not post because I wanted to surprise my sister, Emma. She received them today.

20160627_015847327_iOS 20160627_015859730_iOS

20160628_025922992_iOS 20160628_025931872_iOS

Round Rock Weekend

I just returned from a great weekend in Round Rock.
Of course, visits to quilt shops were on the to-do list.
Nancy and I visited The Honey Bee Quilt Store on Anderson Mill Road.
Their Row by Row, Honey I’m Home, has a very cute boot wearing bee.
We found some moda charm candy packs, 2.5 X 2.5 squares.
I wanted to buy all of them, but I settled on three;
Hyde Park, Bread’n Butter, and Forest Fancy.
While at the shop, we heard about , Shannon Brinkley.  
She designed Bats Over Congress, the Row by Row for the over the top quilting studio.
So, we drove over to the studio and were greeted by Susan.
Shannon Brinkley’s fabric and row by row design are beautiful.
I also loved her pattern of the Austin skyline.
Susan was gracious and so helpful.
She shared information about the Longarm classes and training.
It was so exciting when she let me try my hand at the Longarm.
Now, taking this class is on my to-do list.


Shopping Spree


Hook’em Horns Tote and Bag

Yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart for bananas.
I found a treasure trove on a 50%- off fabric table.
I left with a bag of fabric and batting.
No bananas.
I guess I will have to go back today.
For bananas.
No more fabric. happyface

Large tote with two inside pockets

Potato Chip bag ready to assemble
20160623_162502058_iOS   20160623_162523906_iOS

Front: Small Pocket                                    Back: Bigger Pocket

Two inside pockets

Quilted Strip Tote

“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.”
John Lennon

My day usually starts with a walk.
Today, I made the mistake of walking into my sewing room
before my walk.
Needless to say, there was no walk today.

The first part of the day was spent using the leftover fabric from the tote
I made yesterday.
The amount of fabric I had for the lining, dictated the size of the tote.
So, it turned out to be a tall, small tote.
I used some the remaining fusible foam leftover from previous projects.
Iron and sew strips onto fusible foam

Two panels of leftover strips
Polka dot bottom piece added on

Front pocket made with small strips and polka dot fabric
from previous projects
Inside Pockets made with scraps
My sister said this is the perfect size for two wine bottles!

Quilted Tote Bag: Buzz and Flutter

I found a Moda Bake Shop pattern designed by Glenn Dragone .
The pattern was easy to follow the pattern, up until the assembly of the quilt panels.
It may be me, and not the pattern.
I purchased 2.5 inch strips by Creative Cuts by Fabric Editions.

Instead of cutting 2.5 inch squares individually, I sewed two strips together and then cut.

20160620_015711174_iOS Front and Back Panels

Add 1 /4 inch borders

Sandwich batting between panel and lining for all 5 pieces: front, back, two sides, and bottom

Quilt all 5 pieces separately
Add border to top of front, back, and the two side panels

20160620_213612437_iOS 20160620_213603986_iOS
Make handles using a 21 inch by 4 inch piece of fabric
20160620_231044413_iOS 20160620_231104113_iOS

I added a bee and a butter fly button on the front and back panel (Buzz and Flutter)
I added flower buttons on the lining to cover the stitching on the handles.

Attach the bottom
Then the pattern gets confusing for me.
I muddled through the rest of the way and made my
own steps.

20160621_004400580_iOS    20160621_004417051_iOS


Bird in a Flower Garden (Tote or Bag?)

According to some on-line research, there is a difference between a tote and a bag.
It is a small difference, but a difference all the same.

Apparently, a tote bag is a large bag, with two handles.
Totes are usually made from cloth.
A tote has no interior or exterior pockets.
It’s purpose is to “tote” things around.

On the other hand, a handbag is usually smaller to medium-size.
It can have one or two handles.
It’s purpose is meant to carry around personal, everyday things.

The bag I made today is medium-size.
It’s made from cloth and has two handles.
It does however, have two pockets.

Bag or Tote?
Oh well…

One of my goals is to use my fabric stash.
I have quite a few floral prints, so I decided to put some
together to see what I could make.
I started out by cutting fabric into 2.5 inch squares.
I had enough yellow floral fabric to make a 18 in. x 18 in. lining,
so I made four, 4-squares for each side.
I made a 2.5 inch border from fabric I had used to make a quilt.

I added denim from the fabric my sister gave me.
This is the third bag I have made from this denim.
I think there is enough to make 2 more.

I cut the lining and make 8.5 inch pockets.
Then I sewed the two sides and the bottom of the lining using a 1/2 inch seam.
I left a 4 inch slit at the bottom in order to pull the bag through.
I set the pockets six inches from the bottom of the lining
and drew a line in the center.
I drew a line .25 inches from the raw edges of the pocket and attach it to the centered line.

I drew a 2.5 inch square at both bottom lining corners.

I matched the seams and cut on the block line.
This procedure boxes the corners.
I had originally cut two 4 inch strips to make the handles.
Then I decided to cut the strips into 2.5 inch strips and sew the length of the strips together.
I folded the sewn strips in half and pressed.
Then I opened them up and folded each side up to the middle line.
I inserted a 1 1/4 inch strip of batting on the denim side, folded, pressed, and pinned.
I sewed a 1/8 seam to close the strips.
Then I sewed a 1/4 inch seam along both sides.
I liked the two different colors for the handles.
I cut the strip into handles measuring 24 inches.
I stitched in the ditch.
I also added a bird button in the center on one side, and a flower button on the other side.
Place the panels, right side together and sew along the two sides and bottom.
Follow the same procedure for boxing the edges.

I used the denim border seams to center the handles.
Place the quilted bag into the lining, right sides together.
Make sure the handles are between the lining and the quilted bag.
Sew a 1/2 inch seam all around the top.

Pull the quilted bag through the slit.
Slip stitch the slit.
I press the lining before I tuck it back into the bag.
Then I sew a 1/8 inch seam along the top.

20160618_204114072_iOS   20160618_204125444_iOS





Quilted Patchwork Tote Bag: Color Me Global

Wal-Mart is becoming my quick, go-to store for last-minute quilting runs.
While looking for some batting, I found some cute, inexpensive charm packs by
Fabric Edition.
One of the packs I purchased had a great description of the fabric charms.
It described the fabric as a “color palette rich in exotic global colors”.
The other pack had solid and quatrefoil prints.
I used the global pack to make a denim tote.
I then combined the remaining global charms with the solid and quatrefoil prints.
The teacher in me has to name things, so my name for this tote is, Color Me Global.
Since I learn so much from watching tutorials, I wanted to make a tutorial.
I know I am missing some steps, but maybe a visual learner can pick up some ideas
by watching the tutorial.

Denim Patchwork Tote

A few months ago, I used a pattern that was based on a Mill House Inn Tote Bag .
I found the pattern on a blog, Sewn Up.
This blog has excellent tutorials and ideas.
I made some changes to the pattern when I made the first bag.
I used this same pattern again, to use the denim.
There is still about 1 1/2 yards of denim left.

Fabric Edition charm pack
20160614_022003059_iOS  20160614_202656924_iOS
Machine quilted and buttons added

20160615_003447479_iOS Two pockets

20160615_003639395_iOS      20160615_003704401_iOS

Front                                                         Back


Flower Power Denim Bag Update

After running errands this morning, I was able to complete the Flower Power Denim bag.
It has a floral lining which is fabric that I used on two previous bags.
The lining has two denim pockets.
I used buttons to make a flower for each of the center denim squares.
I hand embroidered the stems, leaves, and decorative stitching.

20160613_210108111_iOS    20160613_210153527_iOS 20160613_210305897_iOS

There is about 2 yards of denim remaining from the fabric I received from my sister.
I bought some charm squares that coordinate with the denim.
The white and grey polka dot will line two totes.