Quilt Shop Tote

The Gift Bag pattern by Cut Loose Press, designed by Chris Foreman,
was a learning curve for me…literally!
The curve on the front pocket is a first for me.
I tried using a plate and a hoop, but that didn’t work.
So, I just eye-balled it, and tried my best.
I need to look up a tutorial on how best to make a curve.

This was a two- day project.
I find it easier to cut and prepare on one day,
and assemble the next.

The fabric is bright, cheery, and all things quilt…love the fabric!
I had fun making this tote, and I’m keeping this one for me.

Thank you, Nancy, for going to Poppy Quilt N Sew with me.
I need more fabric…so let’s go back to Georgetown!
IMG_7124 IMG_7125


4 Day Retreat

Recently, I had a 4 day retreat in Round Rock, Texas.
I got to spend some time with my friend, Nancy.
She is so creative and so inspirational…I learn a lot from her.
I enjoy our visits and hope to have many more.

We went to visit Poppy Quilt ‘N Sew, a quilt shop in Georgetown, Texas.

I managed to walk out of this store under my fabric budget, but it sure wasn’t easy.
There were so many beautiful fabrics, and great ideas for totes and quilts.
I will go back!

FullSizeRender (1)
There was a sample of this cute gift bag designed by Chris Foreman, and I just had to get the fabric and pattern.
The brightly colored fabric has buildings with names such as: Needles and Pins Cafe, Timeless Treasure Fabric Mill, and Quilter’s Inn.
I got sidetracked and made three colored pencil rolls, and I have a bird tote to finish.
So, I will start on this tote soon.
I’m keeping this one!

Colored Pencil Roll

Meeting new people is a bonus that has come along since I started quilting/crafting.
I met Marsha when I bought a Viking sewing machine from her at JoAnn’s Fabric.
We have great conversations every time I visit the store.
On my last visit, Marsha and her daughter were making a colored pencil roll.
They shared the pattern for the pencil roll, which can be found on the Love Me Sew website.
Emily Carlill states in her post that “the possibilities are endless”.
So true.
I studied her pattern, then I made some changes.
I made three rolls, one for each of three special women in my family.
The color roll is a perfect add- on to the coloring books I got them for Mother’s Day.
They don’t read my blog, so I can share!

IMG_7086 IMG_7087 I quilted this roll.

IMG_7090 IMG_7091 No quilting.

FullSizeRender I made two pockets on this one.
IMG_7088 IMG_7089 I quilted this roll.
The upper pocket is for smaller pencils.
I’m still searching for some.