Colored Pencil Roll

Meeting new people is a bonus that has come along since I started quilting/crafting.
I met Marsha when I bought a Viking sewing machine from her at JoAnn’s Fabric.
We have great conversations every time I visit the store.
On my last visit, Marsha and her daughter were making a colored pencil roll.
They shared the pattern for the pencil roll, which can be found on the Love Me Sew website.
Emily Carlill states in her post that “the possibilities are endless”.
So true.
I studied her pattern, then I made some changes.
I made three rolls, one for each of three special women in my family.
The color roll is a perfect add- on to the coloring books I got them for Mother’s Day.
They don’t read my blog, so I can share!

IMG_7086 IMG_7087 I quilted this roll.

IMG_7090 IMG_7091 No quilting.

FullSizeRender I made two pockets on this one.
IMG_7088 IMG_7089 I quilted this roll.
The upper pocket is for smaller pencils.
I’m still searching for some.


2 thoughts on “Colored Pencil Roll

  1. Beautiful x 3! Don’t worry about finding small pencils because after individual pencils get used a lot or are dropped and have to be resharpened, they become small pencils!

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