Tote Bags

As a teacher, I built up quite a collection of bags to tote books, goodies, and teacher stuff.
But, one can never have enough tote bags!
I found this excellent video from Missouri Star Quilting Company.
The tutorial demonstrates how to make three large tote bags from one jelly roll.
The bag can be made in one day.

I made two tote bags so far.
One is a gift, and a surprise, so I will post that one later.
I had ordered the Just a Speck jellyroll by Moda.
I used all of the shades of brown, grey, and black to make one bag.
I used the pastel colors with black polka dots to make the other.
The remaining pastel colors with white polka dots will someday be made into two smaller totes of some kind, as soon as I think of a design.
Since I had some black and white jelly roll strips leftover from my chevron quilt, I decided to use them with the black polka dot strips. At first, it reminded me of summer, so I named it Hello Summer.
Then, my sister saw the hibiscus black and white strip and said it reminded her of Hawaii, and she LOVES  Hawaii, so I renamed the tote, Aloha.
IMG_6726 You need 12 strips.
IMG_6727 Sew the entire length of the strips together.
IMG_6730 Add batting, and secure the fabric. I stitched in the ditch, and then also stitched two quarter inches on both sides of each ditch. As the tutorial states, it is your choice.
Trim the batting.
Trim off the selvage.

IMG_6732 You need 11/2 yards fabric for the lining, four 4″ cuts for the two straps, and also for the pockets. I chose to use leftover black fabric for the straps. I used the lining fabric to make pockets for the lining. ( Not mentioned or demonstrated in the tutorial)
IMG_6746  This is the finished tote bag.


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