Black and White Chevron

Pinterest is a resource for many ideas and patterns for quilts with the chevron design.
After studying a few of the online ideas and free patterns, I decided to make a chevron quilt with a black and white jelly roll I had purchased.
FullSizeRender (14) Black and White Jelly Roll Strips (20)
I had white fabric that I was using for a quilt that I decided I no longer wanted to make.
So, I cut the white fabric into 2.5 inch squares. (20)

FullSizeRender (15) Sew a white strip with a black strip.
IMG_6652 Cut  nine 4.5′ squares from each strip. Cut a total of 180 of the 4.5″ squares.

FullSizeRender (16) Arrange the squares in 15 rows of 12 squares.
IMG_6683 The top measures 58″ x 70″.
I will be using a white on black polka dot fabric for the backing.

IMG_6658  These squares were left over after I cut nine 4.5″ squares from each strip.
They will be used some how…



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