Jelly Roll Quilt

Jelly Rolls are versatile and can be used to make so many different types of quilts, totes, pillows, etc.
After spending a good chunk of time researching ideas and free patterns for jelly rolls, I visited Las Colchas. As I was oohing and ahhing all the new fabric, I spotted the table with jelly rolls.
My favorite was a Moda jelly roll, entitled Nomad.
I loved the fresh and simple design, and the pastel colors.
It made me think of “peace and comfort”…so I bought it.
Vicky, a great quilter who works at Las Colchas, pulled out her binder of quilts she has made.
There, I saw a quilt that was made from a Fons and Porter pattern.
The pattern calls for bright jelly rolls, but I consulted with Vicky about using the Nomad jelly roll.
She agreed with my choice, and helped me find fabric to coordinate with the jelly roll.
There is a great tutorial for making this quilt.
I was able to make this quilt in two days.
I worked four hours each day.

IMG_6589 Cut 2.5″ x 18.5 ” strips of a light fabric



IMG_6591 Sort Jelly Roll and cut selvage

IMG_6594 Sew one continuous strip, inserting a light colored fabric strip between each jelly roll strip.

FullSizeRender (9) Lay out the long, continuous strip, and cut 75.5″ strips.
This was difficult, since I do not have a long table. It is important to number each strip as you cut.
I used sticky labels.
IMG_6602 (1) I am holding the bottom of one strip.
The very next strip begins with the color of the previous strip bottom.
I do not have a design wall, so I tied some rope from one end of a book shelf to the other end.
This helped me to keep strips in order.
FullSizeRender (12) |
I need visuals, so I made a chart to remind me to sew strips in different directions. I sewed strip 1-2 down, 2-3 up, etc.
FullSizeRender (13) Finished Quilt Top

The backing is a fabric with feather print.
There are strips with the same feather print, in different colors, in the quilt top.


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