Day of Grace

In was on one of my first visits to Las Colchas that  I noticed some beautiful, bird print fabric.
One was white, with colorful birds.
The other was black, with colorful birds.
At that time, I knew I wanted the fabric, but since I was just working on my first quilt,
I did not buy the fabric.
In January, Cindy, from Las Colchas, had created a quilt kit based on a pattern,
Story Time, by The Cottage at Cardiff Farms .
Instead of the country home colored fabric shown in the pattern, Cindy used bright, vivid colors and different designs. Cindy included both the white and black bird fabric that I had been wanting for so long.
Something about the color and design just lifted my spirits.
The quilt had a cheerful and reflective effect on me.
Cindy shared that she always carries a quilt in her car.
She has it ready for  “grandma” time or just “me” time.
I loved this idea, so I made this quilt for me.

I just finished binding the quilt today.
Jeana did another great job bringing my quilt to life.

810 This is the kit I purchased from Las Colchas.
storyquilt The quilt center is made with a rail fence and 16 patch block.
storyback Back
The quilted reminded me of something my doctor once told me…
Look at each day as a day of grace.
Start Date: January 8, 2016
Piecing Completed: January 11, 2016
Acquired/Improved Skills: Rail fence, cutting the length of fabric (LOF),
accuracy in measuring and cutting, matching corners, borders

I used remnants from this quilt to make a tote/storage bag.
Have tote ~ Granny Will Travel



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