My First Log Cabin Quilt

austinco My sister and I attended the quilt convention in Austin, 2015.
At this time, I had no sewing machine.
But I knew I wanted to learn how to quilt.
With my sister’s support and urging, I walked out of the convention with more than I needed to start my first quilt.

One of my purchases was a fabric panel designed with animals.
My original plan was to make a simple nine square quilt, since that is all I knew.
I decided to visit a quilt shop owned by a friend, Francine Pons.
Oh, what an INSPIRING shop!
Las Colchas is filled with gorgeous, unique fabric.
The people there are so helpful and creative.
Cindy, one of the quilters who works there, instructed me on the basics of quilting.
She encouraged me to try the Log Cabin quilt pattern.
It is Cindy who taught me about choosing fabric. She gave me the confidence to choose
different colors and types of fabrics.

Every quilt tells a story, so this first quilt tells the story of our family’s jubilation over the birth of our grandson, Judah. The name of the quilt is Judah’s Jamboree.
I illustrated and wrote the story of the quilt.

Acquired/Improved Skills: Log Cabin quilting, accuracy of measurement and cutting, element of color and design in fabric choices, measuring for the amount of fabric needed for backing, the importance of pressing seams
* I later learned the importance of having no more than a 2.5 inch space not quilted

Acquired/Improved Skills: April 12, 2015
Piecing Completed: May 15, 2015
Presented: July, 2015




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