Darth Vadar

After making On the Wings of a Dove quilt for my youngest son, and the Spider-man quilt for my oldest son, I started looking for just the right design for my second son. I knew he was a Star Wars fan, and I began buying Star Wars fabric with no real plan or design in mind.
In my search, I ran across  and purchased The Dark Side Quilt pattern, by W.S.Kane.DVpattern

I knew I had to do this, but the thought of piecing 675 pieces that were 2.5 inches small, was a bit daunting.
I had already started a Scrabble quilt made of 2.5 inch squares, and I had shelved this project because the quarter inch seam and matching of squares for accuracy was killing me.
So, I went back to Las Colchas, where I received a pep talk. I left feeling like the Little Engine that Could. I received some hints for  improving the quarter inch seam. I used painter’s tape on my machine to help line up the quarter inch marking.
The process just about drove me nuts, but by the time I finished the third row of squares, I no longer had to rip seams and start over.
DV1 The first two rows, after repeated seam ripping and restarts.

Just seeing the top of Darth Vadar’s head made me feel a little more confident.
NY (600)

NY (603)
I had ordered some pillow fabric with the images of Darth Vader and Yoda. I used these for the backing, along with the other Star War fabric that I had originally purchased.

Acquired/Improved Skills: PATIENCE, rotary cutting, quarter inch seam, adapting a pattern, choosing fabric, piecing the back with remaining fabric, learning that mistakes can be corrected

Start Date: September 15, 2015
Piecing Completed: October 2, 2015

Long Arm Quilting by Jeana Kubik.


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