Pig in a Wig Pillow

I just love Pig in a Wig!
And I love the author, my sister, Emma J. Virjan.
She will be presenting her second Pig in a Wig book at the San Antonio Book Festival on April 2.
In order to celebrate this event, I decided to make a pillow for What This Story Needs is a Hush and a Shush.
Thanks to Sean and Nancy for their help in designing this pillow.


Wonky Log Cabin

The first quilt I made was a log cabin quilt.
Log cabin patterns are very easy for beginners.
My stash bin was getting out of control, and I decided to get organized.
As I was looking for organizational ideas online, my mind wandered off to the
topic of Wonky Log Cabin patterns.
What a great way to use scraps and remnants.
I love Wonky.
Today, I decided to try to video the process of making a Wonky Log Cabin.
These blocks can be used to make pillows, tote bags, or quilts.

Play Mats

After making the Airport Runway play mat for my grandson, I made another one with a construction truck theme. The construction vehicle toys are larger than the cars, so the play mat is folded in half and not thirds. I had previously made my grandson a Construction Company quilt, and I had some fabric left over. I pieced the two remnants and had enough for the 17″ X 10″ rectangle required in the pattern. I also had enough canvas left over from the first play mat project to complete two more.

For my granddaughter, I used the same homemade by Jill pattern .
I had purchased Little Charmers dolls, so I turned the play mat into a garden.
The floral fabric was a remnant from the jigsaw puzzle quilt I had made my daughter-in-law.
construction   friendship

Airport Runway

This Easter, there will be an airport runway play mat in my grandson’s basket.
There are so many cute ideas and patterns for transportation play mats.
Homemade by Jill posted a very easy pattern for a car play mat.
Since the airplanes are a bit larger than the cars, I enlarged the pockets.
Instead of putting numbers on the pockets, I used an iron-on patch kit to spell the name.
This fun project took 1 1/2 hours to make.


Instead of using denim, I chose a fabric with cute airplanes. I backed it with light fusible interfacing.


Fabric Easter Basket

The baskets on display for Easter were basically all the same, and nothing really special.
There were the usual plastic, straw, character, and felt baskets>
I wanted something special for my two youngest grandchildren, so I decided to see what I could make.
There were quite a few free patterns for fabric tote baskets on Pinterest.
I chose a pattern from Sit & Stitch Awhile. The directions were clear and easy to follow.
It took one afternoon to make one tote.
The pattern calls for fat quarters, and heavy weight fusible interfacing.

Day of Grace

In was on one of my first visits to Las Colchas that  I noticed some beautiful, bird print fabric.
One was white, with colorful birds.
The other was black, with colorful birds.
At that time, I knew I wanted the fabric, but since I was just working on my first quilt,
I did not buy the fabric.
In January, Cindy, from Las Colchas, had created a quilt kit based on a pattern,
Story Time, by The Cottage at Cardiff Farms .
Instead of the country home colored fabric shown in the pattern, Cindy used bright, vivid colors and different designs. Cindy included both the white and black bird fabric that I had been wanting for so long.
Something about the color and design just lifted my spirits.
The quilt had a cheerful and reflective effect on me.
Cindy shared that she always carries a quilt in her car.
She has it ready for  “grandma” time or just “me” time.
I loved this idea, so I made this quilt for me.

I just finished binding the quilt today.
Jeana did another great job bringing my quilt to life.

810 This is the kit I purchased from Las Colchas.
storyquilt The quilt center is made with a rail fence and 16 patch block.
storyback Back
The quilted reminded me of something my doctor once told me…
Look at each day as a day of grace.
Start Date: January 8, 2016
Piecing Completed: January 11, 2016
Acquired/Improved Skills: Rail fence, cutting the length of fabric (LOF),
accuracy in measuring and cutting, matching corners, borders

I used remnants from this quilt to make a tote/storage bag.
Have tote ~ Granny Will Travel



Bluey’s Hamper

My younger brother was born when I was 10 years old.
It was like I had received a real life, very active, baby doll.
His very vivid imagination created an imaginary friend, Bluey.
Bluey was everywhere, and did everything.
Bluey lived in our hamper.
The hamper I remember had scrolls and flowers.
So, I shared this story with Cindy, at Las Colchas.
She directed me to Moda’s Laundry Basket Cold Spell layer cakes…PERFECT!
I also purchased the Moda blue on blue polka dot fabric for the backing.
809  modabluespread
I started researching ideas for this quilt by revisiting a book I had purchased online.
Skip the Borders by Julie Herman has very easy patterns.
After looking at other sources, I decided to make a brick wall quilt pattern.

I went back to Las Colchas in order to improve measuring using only the quilt ruler. I was very happy with the results.

Mom was very excited that I was making a quilt for my brother.
On one of my visits, she and my sister Adri helped me lay out the strips.
Start Date: January 3, 2016
Piecing Completed: January 5, 2016
Gifted: February, 2016

Long Arm Quilting by Jeana Kubik

Fabric Tissue Holders and Moco Monsters…Achoo!

For as long as I can  remember, mom always carried a package of tissue in her purse.
Since remnant fabric is just waiting to turn into another project, I decided to
make mom a fabric tissue holder.
Barb Mullikin has a great free pattern. The pattern is quick and easy to follow.
These are two that I made for my mother.
She loved them!

After I made these, I continued to look online for other patterns.
I found some adorable monster tissue holder patterns by Shiny Happy World.
After I made some for my two younger grandchildren, I decided to call the
tissue holders, Moco Monsters.
My grandchildren loved them.
848 mocomonsters

More Pillows

artofquilt The Gentle Art of Quilt making: 15 Projects Inspired by Everyday Beauty by Jane Brocket
I just saw this book online. I read one passage concerning “wasted ” fabric.
The author believes there is no such thing as wasted fabric.
It’s just fabric “waiting it’s turn” to become something else.
I thought this was so cool!

My fabric bins are overflowing with leftover fabric.
I  have been reading different posts that suggest ways to organize.

Recently, I went back to one of these bins and found the  Malka Dubrawsky remnants.
I had enough to make a pillow, and a 12 square quilt.
I just finished piecing the quilt, but I cannot post the pictures yet.
It is a surprise for a friend who reads my blog.
I have given her the pillow.
The design for the pillow was loosely based on the You’re In My Heart pillow, but the amount and type of fabric required some changes. I had fun playing around with the design.
Acquired/Improved Skill : designing, using stash

Huggy Pillow

When I heard that a very special person would be in the hospital for a few days,
I wanted to make a huggy pillow for her comfort.
I had previously ordered a book, Quilter’s Think Pink by Jeanne Stauffer, because I was looking for a pattern to make a quilted prayer shawl. This book has instructions for 16 different projects.
The pillow I chose to make was called You’re in My Heart, which is actually the message I
wanted to send.
Las Colchas has a section of 1930 fabric that I thought was just right for this pillow.

Acquired/Improved Skills: hand quilting, adapting and changing pattern