When I was planning for my two weeks with my granddaughter, I made the decision to leave my sewing machine at home. Even though she has expressed an interest in sewing, and we have done some projects on the machine together, I just didn’t want to lug one more thing. As it is, I packed eight bags. Most of the bags were filled with craft and art stuff. I found out that my son and his wife had a bet to see who could guess how many bags I was bringing!
We have been pretty busy having fun without the sewing machine. Thanks to my friend, Nancy, we had a swim afternoon with our grandchildren. My granddaughter enjoys being with Nancy’s grandson because she says he makes her laugh. We have gotten together before, and they do seem to enjoy each other’s company.
Today, my Meemaw friend drove up with her granddaughter, who is the same age as my granddaughter. This was the first time they met, and they are already making plans to meet again. We visited the Meadow Center in San Marcos, Texas. Both girls are nature nerds like their grandmothers. The four of us were excited to see turtles, egrets, humming birds, snakes, tadpoles, frogs, butterflies, and hawks. These are just a few of the animals we saw on our hike. The glass bottom boat ride was delightful. We got to see the Edwards Aquifer springs in action.
Our morning ended at the In and Out Burger, with a plan to meet again soon.
I appreciate my friends helping me out during these two weeks with my granddaughter. It feels so good to see our grandchildren becoming friends also.

Shopping Day

Today was set aside for BTS and grocery shopping. My granddaughter and I made a menu and a grocery list to plan for the rest of our time together. Tonight will be Mac N’ Cheese Movie Night.
It was so much fun going BTS clothes shopping with her. She picked out some cute dresses. She chose a long sleeve dress with a hoodie in order to be ready for when it gets cool.
I am looking for tutorials on how to make decorated head bands. We bought one that has a pretty bow, and it looks like it would be simple to make. I am thinking of the unfinished projects I have waiting for me at home, and I am wondering why I am adding more!



We went to the B&B Quilt Shop , which is conveniently across the street from the library. I let her choose some fat quarters. We will be making some book bags and bookmarks that Michelle posted on her Creative Blonde Blog. I also found a quilting magazine for my reading pleasure.
I love how my granddaughter appreciates beautiful fabric!


There is a new library in town, so we went to check it out.

We are now settled in for some reading, before supper and the movie. She chose to read rather than swim. I can understand why, since the temperature is 104. The pool is too hot to enjoy. 🌞
Tomorrow will be another scorcher of a day, so we probably will just make it a craft day.


A New Day

Each day spent with my granddaughter is a new adventure. We are in the midst of planning today’s activities. I just had to share these photos of my son’s Rottweilers. They are two of the sweetest, furry friends ever. At night,they post themselves at our bedroom doors. I appreciate the protection, but the snoring is a bit loud.😜

They are keeping me company as I write this post.


I also wanted to post a photo of a mermaid blanket that my daughter-in-law made for my granddaughter. Aunt Shenika is an artistic and talented seamstress and crafter. You know, I have three, pretty awesome, daughter-in-laws!

My granddaughter says this mermaid blanket is super comfy.

We are ready to start our new day with a bit of BTS clothes shopping, followed by a trip to the library. Then, who knows what we’ll do next!

Granny on the Go

On Tuesday, I got into my Granny-Mobile and headed up IH35. I got to hang out with my son, future daughter-in-law, and her son. It is always such a treat to be with them.
Today, I spent some time with my sister. Emma gave me a signed copy of a book written by her friend, Vanessa RoederLucy and the String is a delightful story about friends. The playful words and illustrations make the reader smile. Knitters will particularly like this book. I plan to write some activities for this book so that I can volunteer to present this to my former teaching buddy’s class.
I am now at my other son’s house, where I will spend some time with my granddaughter. We have filled out our calendar with fun stuff to do and places to go.
I wanted to share a photo of a quilt that a friend of mine made with her granddaughter.
It is a quilt that reflects what they did this summer. I showed the quilt to my granddaughter, and now she wants to plan a quilt for us to make. School starts soon, so it might be a bit late to get started on a project, so we decided to think of different types of quilts that we might be able to  make later in the year.

This is the quilt made by my friend and her granddaughter.
It has been a busy two days. I love being a Granny on the Go.

Devine St. Duo

My childhood home was on Devine Street, which is an area now known in San Antonio as South Town.
There were about 24 kids on the street. We called ourselves the Devine St. Gang.
On any given summer day, you would find us all outside, from morning until night.

Sharon lived across the street from me.
We spent our time riding bikes, playing dress-up, and getting into mischief with the rest of the gang.
We would each carry two baby dolls, pretending that we had twins.
It just so happens that both of us gave birth to twin sons.

I always loved her free spirit and sense of adventure.
She would drive up to Austin to visit me when I was at the University of Texas.
When I came into town, we would drive around in her yellow mustang and go dancing at St. Hedwig’s Dance Hall.
I was the Maid of Honor when she married her high school sweetheart.

Sharon is in town for the weekend.
I found this picture of us that was taken back in May of 1957.
We were sitting on a table in my backyard.
I printed the photo on fabric and made a small quilt wall hanging.
I am looking forward to seeing her tomorrow.

Mini Monday

I spoke with my sister, Emma today.
As usual, she inspired me to try something new.
Well, it is sort of new to me. I used to make something similar with my students.

Emma shared a zine that she had just made.
I had never heard of a zine. So she explained it to me.

Definition: Zine

some sort of publication, usually mass-produced by photocopying(in some cases, scanned, put on the ‘net, or copied via fax)on any range of topics, but usually filled with passion. a means of telling one’s story, sharing thoughts, and/or artwork/comics/ doodles.

I told my sister that the directions for folding the paper for a zine is similar to the fold-ables that I used to make with my students. I had plenty of paper in the writing station for them to use to make their
fold-ables. They would write, draw, and collage in their fold-ables. They loved carrying their poems and writings in these little books.

Here is a short video tutorial on making a zine:

Now, the zine my sister made was fantastic. It looked like a mini-magazine.
The one I made was more cut and paste…more of a fold-able than a zine.
I used card stock and some pieces of scrap book paper to cut and paste. I typed up some morning meditation quotes. I also used some rubber stamps of a cup of coffee and a bird.
Then, I decided to try using a scrap of canvas to make a fabric fold-able. I printed various family photos on fabric and embellished with beads, stamped fabric, buttons and yarn.
I would like to try to make more of a zine, like the one my sister made.
I need to talk to her some more about how she goes about making hers.

This fold-able is on the Fun List for when I spend days with my granddaughter.

Fabric Basket/Bowls

A few months ago, I purchased the Aunti’s Two Bali Bowls Pattern . I was able to make bowls and baskets for friends and family. My brother sent me fabric and a large order to make a few bowls for him. He has been very patient in waiting for me to do this.
Before I even think of starting the bowls for my brother, I decided to practice. It has been some time since I made one, and I needed a refresher. I had some prepared fabric strips left over from a previous bowl I had made myself. I have never made the large size bowl, so I thought it would be a good idea to practice on this size.
I am glad I did. I realized I did not start angling the basket soon enough. The results is a large, shallow bowl. I also did not have enough rope or fabric to complete the large size. It was fun getting back into making these bowls, even though this one was mainly a learning exercise.

Quick Art

Yesterday, I started to play around with the smallest pieces of scraps. I had meant to throw them away.
Instead, I began making mini-prayer flags. It was something to do as I watched a series on Prime that has gotten my interest. The series is Dickensian.
Since I am bingeing on the series, I kept busy by making more mini-flags.
There is something rather relaxing in making things by hand. I especially like making little things.
My sister, Emma, says she prefers making Quick Art. I never thought of it as Quick Art, but now I do.
I think I enjoy Quick Art because of the immediate reinforcement in seeing a completed project.
Also, it is just fun to cut and sew.

Prayer Flags

A few years ago, I got interested in making prayer flags. My friends and I got together to make some seasonal outdoor prayer flags. I made some flags with my granddaughter. These are the two my mom and I made. She had them hanging on her front door. They now hang on the doorway to my studio.

I have some regular-sized prayer flags hanging on the window in my studio.

Yesterday, I spent some time looking for ideas on Pinterest. I found some adorable mini-prayer flags and broaches.  I find it relaxing to keep my hands busy when I am watching TV. I placed the bin of scraps next to my chair, and made four little flags while watching a great mystery series. I used a ribbon to start stringing the flags across one of the shelves on my office desk.